Load Bank Break-in/ Service

If your generator is relatively new, load bank break-in is the most effective way to break in the engine and alternator and may extend the life of the generator.  This consists of placing varying known loads on the generator through means of a resistive load bank which we connect to the generator.  It allows us to test the generators output under various load conditions.  This will help us to determine whether the generator can perform at capacity and to find problems that may not be discovered under the light loads commonly present at exercise.  By making the engine work harder we can completely break in the engine in about 4 hours and then change to the 5W-30 synthetic oil which is recommended for winter use.  

Load-bank testing incorporated into a regular generator maintenance schedule ensures peak performance and maximum reliability. Letting the generator run under load “proves” the alternator, but also works the engine to burn off deposits and remove condensation that develops from cold weather.  The exercise function is not sufficient to remove this moisture.  Load banking should be done periodically to keep your alternator and engine operating to spec and discover potential problems before the power goes out.